#Artist Support Pledge  Artist Sand Laurenson MA(RA)


UK Artist Sand Laurenson MA(RA)

In my object making, I am passionate about recycling things...sometimes incorporating previous works and often choosing objects that carry the human touch, a memory held, that 'human stain'.

Again and again I find myself returning to transforming and perhaps therefore redeeming the disregarded, the everyday object. Clothing, household items, building materials, found things, the mundane, the overlooked, the domestic, the mechanical.

I often incorporate drilling, knotting, layering, embellishing, using such processes to evoke a response of capture. ..capture through enthrallment, seduction, amusement, curiosity, intrigue. I hope, in this way that my work entices the eye  to look and then to stay looking in an attempt to understand, to unravel and find the story behind the work, the purpose, the intent within the thing presented.

There is an adamant, relentless, intense and heavily worked aspect to most of my work, with many ideas working through and underneath, often shown through repetitive mark making that may or may not be deliberate or random. This mark making translates into my sculpture so that the marks become the intensity of materials used or from the intensive processes involved.