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A common enough thing, the simple googly eye.


I like to work with multiples and these are perfect for me.


I enjoy the way that these objects behave in that they reflect light in a tiny fractured way.


Each individual  head looks subtly different, the expression and therefore the meaning changing, depending on the viewing angle as the light on the surface changes. Whatever your reaction, when face to face, its hard not to stare and keep staring because we have evolved to recognise and react to a human face. But perhaps  the  otherness unsettles and fascinates us at the same time?

The eye motif continues as a sign of communication, a need to look and keep looking, even if it is met a blank stare! These plastic eyes, like our own, could see too much, or nothing at all.The light, mundane and cheap polystyrene molds and the mass produced plastic googly eyes again translates well for the message of these works.On some of the heads I have used various inks and paints between the eyes that echo the circle theme throughout.

The works are heavily lacquered to protect and to add to the overall intended sheen and glisten. 

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Artist - Sand Laurenson - London