Sand Laurenson Artist

Sand Laurenson

Post graduate Fine Art

Royal Academy Schools London


London born contemporary Artist

Painting - Sculpture - Drawing - Print 

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I remain fascinated by the human condition and take inspiration from everything around me and out there. My curiosity drives a need to try and reach a greater understanding of myself, my fellow humans and all that exists above and below.

While the universe spins and throbs above us we struggle to untangle aspects of our lives - our dreams, nightmares, the winning, the losing and the trying. Through archetypes, myth and metaphor we strive to find new ways to extract meaning. 

Every day is a new coming to terms with being a minuscule, but perhaps intrinsic part of a mostly unknown, unknowable, immeasurable, multi verse and the complex feelings of awe, wonder, fascination, frustration, fear, indifference, resignation and hope that this inspires.

Artist sand laurenson particle Drawing

I look for patterns within and without, above and below and in the synchronicity that exists in physics and metaphysics, the quantum and immeasurable.  

'To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.' W Blake (Fragments from "Auguries of Innocence"

Sometimes, I react directly from what is going on around me at the time, or in the world at large, incorporating similar processes into the works but created with a more emotional response.  

Artist sand laurenson 3 Quacks on a Wall

I work in any medium that I feel shows my ideas most succinctly at the time. Sometimes this is with paint and canvas or fabrics, other times with print and  digital and often with different objects. 

I am passionate about recycling things and I like to use previous work as well as objects that carry the human touch and hold memory. Again and again I find myself returning to  previous works and everyday objects and redeeming them through transformation into a new thing, another way of being.

I like to use materials and processes that catch the eye, seducing the viewer to look and then look deeper. Often through beauty but through revulsion and discomfort too.

For me, being an artist is an amalgamation of intellect, skill and the ability to communicate to a viewer what the artist has seen or seen or imagined.

I have always been making but when I eventually started studying fine art,  the words and ways of the creative process came alive and added an intellectual, more focused component to my art practice. I began to understand my motivation behind the urge to create.  I do what I do because I am compelled to for the reasons stated above.

Sand laurenson Selfridges Window installation Night Window.jpg
Artist sand laurenson Angkor Wat Cambodia 2018.jpg


I have always had a strong desire for change which manifests in the diversity of my work. This constant desire for difference and stimulation, flow, flux, and movement, feels like  a physical need and imperative for my creative development.
So travel has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years or so. I have set up makeshift studios in many different places and cultures, producing work directly from my environment.

Travel can be a way of letting go of material things, of domesticity, of complacency,  things taken for granted. I am inspired by a different backdrop for my thoughts,  where everything seems brighter, amplified and somehow simplified. In a country where I understand none of the spoken language, I am outside my comfort zone, compelled to communicate in new ways and to look until my eyes ache.

Latest Completed Project

In this series of drawings, I have used the well-known word Abracadabra symbol as a framework for my ideas about repetition, patterns and correspondences. Each drawing is a small but intrinsic part of the whole, a letter in the incantation and a step towards completing the triangle of the Abracadabra symbol.

There are 66 letters in the traditional triangular amulet presentation of ABRACADABRA. Each letter is represented by a drawing 1/66. I completed all the work by the end of 2021.

Some of the drawings were made between 2009 – 2019 on my travels and were completed in response to the different cultures and colours I experienced along the way. Others are inspired by or taken from my previous works, paintings, drawings, sculptures and digital. 

These small works have become condensed and compressed into the essence of the idea, returned to and resuscitated, another mark in time onto their making and from my history. A circle around a moment, a punctuation mark in my conversations with my ideas and work and a marker in my life.

See the works here

Artist sand laurenson Abracadabra drawings.jpg
PRETTY UGLY Sand Laurenson Artist at Thame-Side Studios London June 19th  July 2021


Travel and making always come before thinking about how and where to get the work seen. Below is a short summary of shows from the last 10 years only. Please contact me for further details of previous exhibitions and awards.

 LATEST SHOW: Thames-Side Studios Gallery: ‘Pretty Ugly (19 Jun-4 Jul 2021)

2017 Kings Hill Gallery London Feb – May  

2016 Hinterland Gallery Group show ALIENNATION Folkestone Creative Quarter 
2016 Solo: The Stables Gallery and Studios, Tontine Street, Folkestone. 
2015: 3 Months @ SELFRIDGES Window Installation Oxford Street London  See details here.
2012 The Big One! 
Dates: May 12, 2012 - June 12, 2012 
Venue: David Mach RA Studios, London 
Landseer Sculpture prize 
Henry Moore Sculpture prize 
Bovis travel award 
Ray Finnis Trust award