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The maker and the explainer are always two different people, even when they are the same person.


Rick Rubin

The Creative Act

I inhale inspiration from everything around me. I pay close attention to the details, particularly the similarities between things. The quantum, the immeasurable, the particle that can be in two places at once.

I am utterly engaged in seeking, discovering, and examining patterns, repetitions, and rhythms above, below, and inside us all. The frustration and wonder at the limited capability of our understanding. The limitless capacity of the unknown, the immeasurable, the astounding contained in our everyday, overlooked, and mundane environment.


I translate these ideas into metaphor and cipher and attempt to capture the essence of the thing itself.

Particle a drawing in 35 parts Artist Sand Laurenson

I work in any medium that I feel shows my ideas most succinctly at the time. Sometimes this is with paint and canvas or fabrics, other times with print and digital, and often with different objects. 

I am passionate about recycling previous works as well as objects that carry the human touch and hold memory. Again and again, I find myself returning to previous work or everyday objects and redeeming them through transformation into a new thing, another way of being.

I like to use materials and processes that catch the eye, seducing the viewer to look and then look deeper. Often through beauty, but through revulsion and discomfort too.

A bit about Sand. 

I am a London-born artist who has lived in Hastings for over 15 years.,

The journey to follow my passion for making has been a winding path. I had various careers, throughout which, I was always creating and making, in my spare time.


I decided to return to education and completed a foundation course in Art at Epping College in Essex. The following year, I enrolled in a 3-year Fine Art course at Middlesex University, London, where I gained a BA(Hons). 


Two years later, in 2002, I was accepted as a scholarship student to study Fine Art for three years at the Royal Academy Schools in London.

Coastal Currents Exhibition Hastings 2023 Sand Laurenson

Since leaving the RA Schools in 2004, I have pursued another dream that was impossible earlier in life. Over the last 20 years or so, whenever possible, I took off to different places, set up a makeshift studio, and made work in response to what I encountered. The Abracadabra series shown here is an example of these works. Completed over five years, some made while travelling, others at home during the Covid years.


Over the years, I have created video, sound, installation, painting, sculpture, mixed media, and photography. I have won awards and exhibited at home and away. Please get in touch to know more about my work, awards, and exhibitions. 

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