During the lockdowns I was working from home and catching up on ideas that I hadn’t had time to see through when the world was different, faster.  One such idea was those little wooden figures that always seem to be about me.


 I was looking to make something fun, something bright and quirky, happy and hopeful to weigh against the Covid Curve and not my usual modus operandi at all. 




Erm....I've wanted to paint on a human for a long time. I wish we could wear art like a skin, a moveable changeable patina  of the wearers art...wierd huh? I was curious to see what one of these figures  looked like if I painted it like a canvas, a moving painting, the figure wears the art. This one was based on my painting 'Bliss' and is a night sky full of glitter, dancing and joy! 


So I picked up my wooden figures once more and played around with them for a few weeks ( well it was lockdown). Eventually, I started to paint one and I couldn’t stop, I was having too much FUN! I was left with this small body of  work that would really like to be seen and needs a platform, a stage to come alive on.

To shine in the spotlight. To smoulder in the shadows.

Can you offer one little diva such a place :)

Articulated figures….. with their accurately jointed arms, legs, waist and neck and hands with full articulation of fingers, wrist and moving thumbs. They can imitate as may gestures and poses as you can make, well almost.

I love the long history, the look, feel and kinetic ability of these objects. For so long these beautiful figures have been used by artists and have sat and stood obediently in studios, a thing of occasional use only. I want to transform their forms into something redeemed by passion and paint into a little work of art in itself?

Although all the joints that should articulated do, all such figures are rather highly strung and will snap if handled too roughly.  I advice against playing with them too much, they can get rather cranky. They greatly prefer to be artfully posed (they LOVE mirrors, Oh, and Orchids) and left for long periods to contemplate on themselves.

 They do however, like to be talked to and will understand any language, including foul. You can give them a name and call them anything you like? They are great listeners and never interrupt or explain things to you. You can let the fingers do the talking without saying a word. They NEVER judge!



I will provide a wooden and steel stand for your figure though they do prefer to lounge lean and lollop.

Sent snug as a bug in a box.