Acrylic on Velvet over Canvas 91 x 91 x 4 cm
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This painting,  in my velvet painting collection is full of silvers graphite and sparkles on deepest black velvet which works best in good light where it truly come to life and hides it's dark side, glimmering and sparkling when the light catches the different hints of colour in the metallic flakes and textures. .


I continue to use different sizes and types of mark making with various tools to create the dragging and furrowed effects radiating out from the center. 


In my abstract painting I often use the paint like any other material, to obtain a surface a texture, a sculptural property, more  than in a more traditional way, to represent. I like to work on different surfaces to evoke a particular feeling, association, or thought, such as velvet, rubber, vinyl, wood as well as canvas.

The constant round and round, check and recheck, over and over, undo and redo,...all build up into a mark, a stain, a moment in time such as occurs in nature.

This work will be marked on the back with the following:


Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2020
Title: Dark Stars

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Hastings East Sussex England United kingdom