Axis Mundi Detail Drawing Artist Sand laurenson


 Through my drawings, ideas begin evolving, adapting, and clarifying through constant flux to arrive eventually on firm ground,  'Creating a path whilst walking'. Through each critical step from idea to reality, the work begins, stripped to its most elemental, perhaps a circle, dot. a line. This mark is reformed, repeated, and formed into displaying the beautiful and strange, ugly and mundane with simplicity and intricacy side by side.
There is an intense, heavily worked aspect to most of my work, with many ideas working through and underneath, often shown through repetitive mark-making that may or may not be deliberate. A palimpsest of charcoal or ink in lines, dashes, and patterns, the mark-making translates into my sculptures, and paintings so that the marks become the intensity of materials used or from the labour-intensive process involved. Marks become thousands of matches, pins, nails, and spaces become holes, gaps, rips, and tears where every mark made becomes a memento marking a time in the development and evolution of the work.   
Sometimes, returning to where it all started,  I draw in a more traditional manner for the pleasure of making work that brings joy to a parent, pet owner, or friend. I have included a few of these works too.
The following collections include my most recent project, 66 ABRACADABRA  drawings each representing a letter from the talisman. I have a limited number of other drawings available which you can see as you scroll down on this page. A small collection of archived drawings can also be seen at the end of this page.
Artist sand laurenson Drawings Abracadabra.jpg

abracadabra series of 66 drawings - 2022