iCON follows on from previous smaller works in this style such as iBall.


Investigating and  exploring ideas about contemporary issues with being forever

watched and watching...

often without seeming to really LOOK at all. In this case the forever obsession of the female form and  the

never-ending fascism of the beauty myth. 

Set at the size parameters of modern western  preferences in the media and perhaps in our minds. But still she stares, dead eyed, back at the viewer, perhaps judging whilst being judged.

I have always used the image of an eye, usually my own as a personal symbol of communication. But using the mass produced plastic googly eye translates well for the message of these works. I have also used the mundane materials of both the plastic eyes and the preformed chrome coloured moulded plastic mannequin.

The piece sparkles in light and  carry the added Kinetic quality of shaking when disturbed, particularly the small (3mm!) eyes. It adds to the feel of paranoia that juxtapositions with a sometimes desperate need to be seen.This work which is robust can be shown by simply hanging on one nail at your preferred height.

This particular work is sold but I can produce other variations by commission.Please allow one month for completion.Contact me HERE