LAPIS 2019 Acrylic on Velvet over Canvas 61 x 46 x 4 cm
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For some time I have been attracted by velvet as a surface for my paintings. I use this beautiful surface and colours to create a juxtaposition between the lush velvet, the light it attracts and the mat or gloss of the acrylic paint which is sometimes applied traditionally with a brush and sometimes used  impasto to create more texture and depth.



This painting, 'Lapis' is a medium size at H 70 x W 50 cm on a professional deep edge canvas (4.5) 


The painting catches different lighting in it's surface and plays with the eye as the depths seem to shift and blur. It was inspired by Delphi, the famous historical site of the Delphic Oracle in Greece on a much warmer day than now! 



The gorgeous ultramarine velvet  and thickly applied golds play with each other to create a bright painting with hidden depths at a perfect size. i wanted an antique  look and feel to the work to invoke that feeling of antiquity and richness. The colours are a homage both to Greece and to Apollo, the Golden Sun god and protector of Delphi. This small painting carries a lot of weight!


The work has been hanging happily on 2 nails in my studio for easy moving  but you may want to fix picture hanging accessories for extra security when installing. Please let me know if you need any help with this and I will try to help?


The work is signed on the back in the following way:


Freehand signature 
Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA
Dated: 2019
Titled: Lapis