eggshell works 2019/20


These new eggshell works lead on from works made in 2015/16. 


For the original Selfridge's show in 2015 I was somewhat restricted in amount and size of works produced but found the time in late 2019 to explore my ideas further with these new works.

An eggshell is such a fragile thing with such a universal purpose and association. Seemingly so fragile and yet so strong for it's function.... but it can be made stronger. Through near destruction, taking the eggshell to its limits it becomes armoured, protected, transformed into something 'other', something greater than its discarded self. Fragility and strength, simplicity and complexity, natural and contrived, form and function, cause and effect....every egg tells a story. And so these discarded shells as they are redeemed, transformed into an object of speculation, of further possibilities.

The materials used: Brass, Copper, Iron, etc. carry their own symbology and are used like colours to tell a story, make a mood, a reaction.

The eggshells raise questions, ideas perhaps about what has been hatched from such eggs, what type of creature that might be. 
The egg is often seen as a symbol of hope, resurrection and new life: what do these objects represent to you? Are they trinkets, decorative things, or are they as 'decorative' as an atom, a nebula, a creature, a virus, what can they signify? Can such a small thing represent in its materials and it's way of making, something much larger, a cipher for the unknowable, unimagined, unfathomable, unspoken, unfound?



Please read and see works from the Selfridges show here.

A selection of this work is still available to buy here 

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Hot Chick 2019

Drilled Quails eggshell with iron tacks and paint. Sold

Blue Venus 2019

Drilled Ostrich eggshell with copper nails and paint. Sold

Big Mother in 2 parts 2019

Drilled Ostrich eggshell with drawing and steel coach bolts and nuts. Sold

Honey Trap 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with copper and brass nails and paint. Available

X Species

Drilled Quails Eggshell Iron Tacks 10cs x 10 cm Sold

Pearly Queen 2019

Drilled Rhea eggshell with pearl headed pins and paint. Available

Evil Eye Egg

Painted and lacquered Drilled Quais Eggshell with Iron nails. 12 x 12 cm Sold

Ruff 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with Iron nails and paint. Available

Quark 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with steel nuts and bolts and paint. Sold Click to see more images

Bristle 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with brass nails and paint. Sold

Quartered 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with Iron nails and paint. Sold

Golden Goose? 2019

Drilled Goose eggshell with pearl headed pins and paint. Sold

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