2017 Acrylic on Velvet over Canvas 91 x 91 x 4 cm
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Another of my circle paintings this time on deepest ultramarine blue velvet that has been stretched over a deep edge canvas.

An impasto central circle with a ring of white and shimmering silver surround and a graphite grey border which also has metallic silver accents that reflect and shimmer.  

In this series of paintings I have used  lush velvet that reflects light beautifully and pops and jars with the jagged nature of the mark making. The deep blue entices the viewer to look and then look closer to where the idea rests.

In my painting I often use the paint like any material, to obtain a surface a texture, a sculptural property, more  than in a more traditional way, to represent. I like to work on different surfaces to evoke a particular feeling, association, or thought, such as velvet, rubber, vinyl, wood as well as canvas.

Juxtaposing very different surfaces and colours, I wanted the mark making to stand out, to interfere.  I wanted the painting to be more like a scar, a blemish or wound upon the perfection of the velvet and to represent imperfection, or rather the beauty of such.

The marks have been applied, layer after layer with a brush, but mainly by dragging a nail through the paint to make the marks and depth. The aggression and violence of some of the marks contrast with the more painterly smooth graduations.

Oroborous (there are many similar/different spellings) is, very simply,  the ancient symbol of eternity as a snake eating it's own tail.

You can read about the meaning behind the Oroborous on Wiki.

Dims: 36 x 36 x 1.5 Inch 91 x 91 x 4 cm

This work will be marked on the back with the following:

Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2017


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Hastings East Sussex England United kingdom 


Ouroboros  2017