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The Curve Painting London UK Artist Fine Art Sand Laurenson Covid Art


Repetition involves an emphatic purpose of creation through which a pattern emerges to create a rhythm that enfolds within everything, from the quantum to the beyond measurement and understanding. Sand translates these ideas about repetition and patterning with deliberate and random mark-making in these paintings. The choices of how she creates those marks, sometimes with a brush, other times with small sharp objects, and upon which surface she paints them, create friction between the textile surface and the paint.

Through this process, Sand describes connections between things and mimics the texture and patterning of the natural world, such as a sandy beach, a glacier flow, and the night sky, but also attempts to capture her imagination of unseen things.

Some works are available here, but contact Sand if you would like to commission a custom painting in a similar method.

If you wish to see more images of a particular work or provenance on a sold painting, please click on an image or enquire on the contact page.

Imperial Painting London UK Artist Fine Art Sand Laurenson
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