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Ltd Edition 10


Blue Venus:


Drilled Ostrich eggshell with Copper Nails and Acrylic.

Approximated size H6 x W4 x D4"        H15 x W 19 x D10cms

This work has copper nails pushed through and painted with an ultramarine lacquer with turquoise accents inside and on the edging of the cuts. Comes with a mat black display stand that I can paint a different colour upon request.


An eggshell is such a fragile thing with such a universal purpose and yet it is so strong for it's function but it can be made stronger, through near destruction, taking the eggshell to its limits to become armoured, protected, transformed into something 'other', something greater than its discarded self. Fragility and strength, simplicity and complexity, natural and contrived, form and function, cause and effect....every egg tells a story.

The materials used: Brass, Copper, Iron, Aluminium etc. carry their own symbology and are used like colours to tell a story, make a mood, a reaction.

The eggshells raise questions, ideas perhaps about what has been hatched from such eggs, what type of creature that might be. And so these discarded shells are redeemed, transformed into an object of speculation, of further possibilities.

The egg is often seen as a symbol of hope, resurrection and new life: what do these objects represent to you? Are they trinkets, decorative things, or are they as 'decorative' as an atom, a nebula, a creature, a virus, what can they signify? Can such a small thing represent in its materials and it's way of making, something much larger, a cipher for the unknowable, unimagined, unfathomable, unspoken, unfound?


It is a hardy piece that will travel well so please don't fret about transit damage. In the past similar i made similar eggshell works  in India and then they were shipped all around the world with no damage. Depending on individual eggshell specifications the work will either be in a wooden crate or card boxed.


Behind this work:


Blue venus