H 50 X W70 X D4CM


This work, that can be shown in vertical or landscape aspect is on a deep canvas and made with inks and acrylic paint. The surface is finished in a way that gives the work depth and difference from alternate view points and in changing light. The accents of various colours, metallic silver etc against the graphite greys, blacks and whites bring lines and shadows into clear focus.

Inspired by a particular storm that I witnessed in the Himalayas I wanted to capture the electric fizzing random charges surrounding the bulging calmness within.

For some time I have been making work that uses repetition, multiples and patterning as a translator for ideas that I am interested in...the collective mind, macrocosms, microcosms, algorithms, fractals, geometry and various other theories that discuss synchronicity, connections, similarities, cause and effect and the intertwining and enfolding within these disciplines.

This work will be cornered, wrapped in appropriate materials and boxed. Free shipping worldwide.

The work will be signed on the back.