Machine Flower - Ink Drawing on Ivory 100M cotton 250gs Stonehenge acid free paper. 


Also available as a digital download to print at larger sizes. Find it in my DIGITAL under 'from my Artwork' collection. I have included a few examples of the image framed at various sizes.

This drawing is on an ivory paper with a grey overtone on the drawing and is completed in black, white, grey and silver inks is one of a series of drawings exploring ideas for my circle paintings.

The metallic borders of the circles and the accents in metallic silver catch light and sparkle in differing lighting, hard to capture in the photos. Intended to be framed in a square with a small border.

These small drawings are always a route to a larger work. Drawing is very important to me, it is at the root of everything that I make. I use it as a laying down of ideas, a brainstorming, a map or a patterning for thoughts. A palimpsest of charcoal or ink in lines, dashes and holes, is translated into my objects with thousands of repetitions... pins, nails, tiles, screws, threads,. Each part, every placing, becomes a memento marking a time in the works development and evolution.

The continual similarities between an image of a nebula, a cell, a flower, a fractal, a raindrop, gives me a motif, a symbol, a signifier, a switch, that turns the work into whatever the viewer is open to see. A small part of something greater? A macro or microcosm? Organic or metaphysical? An alchemical symbol?

Patterns of seven overlapping circles appear in historical artefacts from the 7th century BC onwards; they become a frequently used ornament in the Roman Empire period, and survive into medieval artistic traditions both in Islamic art (girih decorations) and in Gothic art. The name "Flower of Life" is given to the overlapping circles pattern in New Age thoughts.

Dims:7.5 x 7.5 x Inch 18 x 18 cm actual image without border

A signed, dated and title certificate of authenticity will be sent with my works.

This Artwork is titled, signed and dated on the front. 

Sent tissue wrapped, unmounted on A4 in a hard backed envelope

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