My Left hand drawn by my Right Hand


Also available as a digital download to print at larger sizes. Find it in my DIGITAL under 'from my Artwork' collection. I have included a few examples of the image framed at various szes.

I made this drawing in 2016 along with it's sister work of my Right hand drawn by my Left Hand whilst in Delhi airport where I was delayed for 48 hours awaiting my onward journey. Unable to leave the boarding area or airport I was lucky enough to have a few bits of board and some pens and drew, literally the first thing that came to hand. My left hand drawing my right and visa versa.

They can be bought singularly or as a pair. I have included an image of the opposite hand also.

This drawing has a reflective quality as I have used some metallic inks on the work.
Inspired by India in so many ways this drawing was made layer upon layer using any pens I had available at the time in reds, pinks and oranges. gold and deep purple like threads of silk running over and through into the centre spot where a Nazer style eye rests.

This drawing is about my hand and eye and whatever was occurring between the seeing and the mark making, in this case a great deal of pent up energy and fizzing for tedious days of waiting for my plane and unable to leave the transit area.

Inks on Canson hot pressed art board.

Actual drawing size H 24 cm x W 18 x D 0.2 H 9.5 x W 7 inches

This drawing is signed on the back with a small signature and date on the front.

Always securely flat packed in suitable wrapping, corners etc, insured and shipped safe, fast and fully traceable to ensure it reaches you safely.

Behind this and similar works:

I take inspiration from storytelling and ideas from the life sciences along with physics, cosmology, theosophy, current thoughts, history, philosophies, myths and more and employ them as a way of trying to negotiate a path through the darkness of our limited understanding.... the horror and fear of our fragility, the awe and wonder of living.

While the universe spins and throbs over our heads we try to untangle the everyday aspects of our lives...our dreams and nightmares, the winning, the losing and the trying, lives that turn off and lives that turn on. Through symbols, archetypes and metaphors we are constantly struggling to find new ways to extract a meaning that can be used as some kind of glue to hold all our parts together. 

I remain fascinated and inspired in the human condition and our day to day attempts to come to terms with being a minuscule, but perhaps intrinsic part of a mostly unknown, unknowable, immeasurable, silent multi verse…… and the complex feelings of awe, wonder, fascination, frustration, fear, indifference, resignation and hope that it inspires. My work is evidence of that journey and of what I have seen along the way.

II hope you enjoy the work and thanks for looking.


My Left Hand by my Right hand

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