Printed on professional HP paper.


One 10 x 10 cms work, part of main Particle piece, on 20 x 20 cms card.Mixed Media


One part from the 35 fractions of PARTICLE as shown.


In these latest drawings, I am following on ideas about fragmenting work so that the original ceases to exist whole as it was but still remains complete in a metaphysical way. Firstly, I made a drawing that measured H 50 x W 70 cms and then I unmade the drawing into these smaller works, dividing the paper into equal parts of 35. In doing so each part perhaps becomes more significant somehow. The added element of sending these individual works from my 'studio' into many different lives interests and excites me.I have shown the original work and the process of dismantling it along with some collages to give an idea how the work could look put back together and so you can play 'Wheres Wally' and find this particular square! The title number refers to the row and column of the section. i.e row 2 column 5.

Particle 2/7