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' Something Wicked This way Comes '

Eggshell Sculptures

In 2015 I was selected by Selfridges to install a show in one of the huge 3.5 meter widows in Oxford Street, London. 


The work was shown for over two month in 2015 both in the window, in the huge Atrium and the Wonder Room. 1 million people passed by it every day. 


The response was great and the publicity worldwide was great too! including: The Times, the Independent, The NY Times, I.D, Dazed, Creative Review, Conde Naste and Time Out among others.

All works are drilled Goose eggshell with Iron, Brass or Copper Nails or Bolts.

Similar works are still available in my latest Eggshell works  here


Or choose from the examples below and inquire for similar here

In the original SELFRIDGES of London window installation I wanted to create a seeming swarm that pushed forward into the busy London street, into the world, an infestation, a celestial shower, perhaps approaching from darkest space or from the depths of the ocean, or from the subconscious...pods of potential, but potential what?

An eggshell is such a fragile thing and yet it can be made strong, through near destruction, taking the material to its limit, armored, protected, transformed into something 'other', something greater than its discarded self. Fragility/strength, simplicity/complexity,natural/contrived,form/function, cause/effect.

The metals used: Brass, Copper, Iron and Aluminium carry their own symbolism and are used like colours to tell a story, make a mood, a reaction. 

The eggshells as they appear now, raise questions, ideas about what has been hatched and left to the viewer to decide what type of creature that might be. The discarded shells are redeemed, transformed into a vehicle of speculation about possibilities; through science, technology, things beyond our ken or control that may be hatched, what is and what might be created. 

The egg is often seen as a symbol of hope, resurrection and new life: what do these objects represent to you? Are they simple trinkets, decorative things, or are they as 'decorative' as an atom, a nebula, a virus, what can they signify? Can such a small thing represent in its materials and way of making something much larger: a cipher for the unknowable,

unimagined, unfathomable, unspoken, unfound?

Below are some examples of the eggshells from the original show at Selfridges.

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Night and Day

'Something Wicked This way Comes'

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