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Eggshell Window instalation selfridges oxford street london sand laurenson artist

Armoured Eggshells

Sand started working with eggshells whilst at the Royal Academy schools between 2001-2004 and has been working with them ever since.

Read why below.


An eggshell is such a fragile thing with such a universal purpose and association. Seemingly so fragile and yet so strong and perfect in its form and function.
I wanted to explore how much they could stand in order to become stronger. Through near destruction and taking the eggshell to its limits, it becomes armoured, protected, and transformed into something 'other', something greater than its discarded self.

Fragility and strength, simplicity and complexity, natural and contrived, form and function, cause and effect....every eggshell work tells a story. The would-be discarded shells are redeemed and transformed into an object of speculation, of further possibilities.
Bolt from the Blue Drilled Quail's Egg with laquer Nuts and Bolts.jpg


The eggshell works raise questions, perhaps thoughts about what has been hatched from such eggs, and what type of creature that might be.
The egg is often seen as a symbol of hope, resurrection, and new life: what do these objects represent to you? Are they trinkets, decorative things, or are they as 'decorative' as an atom, a nebula, a creature, or a virus, what can they signify?
Can such a small thing represent in its materials and its a way of making, something much larger, a cipher for the unknowable, unimagined, unfathomable, unspoken, unfound?
Sand Laurenson Window Installation Selfridges Oxford Street London


'Something Wicked this way Comes'

In 2015 Sand was selected by Selfridges to install a show in one of the huge 3.5 metre widows in Oxford Street, London. 
The work "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was shown for over two months, both in the window, in the Atrium, and in the Wonder Room. 1 million people passed by it every day. 
The response and the worldwide publicity were great and included: The Times, the Independent, The NY Times, I.D, Dazed, Creative Review, Conde Nast, and Time Out among others.
Eggshell works Artist Sand laurenson

Behind these works.

For the SELFRIDGES installation, Sand wanted to create a seeming swarm that pushed forward into the busy London street, into the world, an infestation, a celestial shower, perhaps approaching from the darkest space or from the depths of the ocean, or from the subconscious...pods of potential, but potential what?
Some eggshell works are from that show and others more recently from 2019 onwards, Sand is still exploring ideas about them

.All works are drilled eggshells, Ostrich, Rhea, Goose, Quail with Iron, Brass, Copper Nails, or Bolts.

Please enquire for further details.
Deep Sea

Interested in owning an eggshell work?

These particular works are sold but you can commission similar. Choose between the smallest Robins' egg to an Ostrich egg.

These works are surprisingly robust and travel well in their own bespoke box.

In fact, the whole body of work consisting of over 150 eggshells was made in India and brought back for installation in the UK....with no damages, that's how armoured they become.

If you would like to see more images or details about a work, please enquire
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Prices start from £150 and are available upon request.
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