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Selection from my Googly collection.

Please visit my recent 'Armoured Eggshells' and 'General Sculpture' collections too.

Google Eye works sand laurenson Artist

Sand has always been attracted and repulsed by patterning, particularly by 'wrong' textures on organic surfaces. Such patterning can be found in a broken signal on a digital screen image that distorts the view of a face into tiny pixels creating a disturbing juxtaposition between flesh and digital. Sand also sees this where an organic pattern appears in, or on, the wrong thing, such as infestation or perfectly patterned growth on the skin, etc.


This little object, its perfect circle, perfect dot, and its uniform shine provide a material Sand uses to express ideas about pattern and repetition. The eyes are used in such a quantity to cover all or some of what lies beneath, creating a spooky otherness to the work. The ordinary is transformed into a new thing, a different way of being, and creates a new dialogue with new meanings.


The surfaces sparkle with light and refraction, seeming different as the viewer moves. The kinetic element is present if the piece is moved or shaken, especially in the lighter works, when a rattle is produced, similar to a disturbed rattlesnake, adding to a feeling of threat, discomfort, and anticipation.


Surfaces become jewel-like, encrusted, and infested, like animal skin and many other similar things found in nature. The receiving object is covered entirely with the eyes or some parts are left blank and then drawn upon, introducing more patterning from the human hand into the work. Colour is also added to amplify the patterning.  

The works in this collection are sold.


Contact Sand to commission a similar work or if you would like to see additional images or require further provenance of a particular work.​

Google Eye works sand laurenson Artist
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