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Dissolution drawing on jigsaws Artist Sand laurenson

Drawing & Mixed Media

'Taking a line for a walk'

Drawing is at the heart of everything, Sand thinks in drawing.

One of her earliest memories was sitting in front of a gloriously white and pristine pile of paper and drawing her way through it for days. Over the years, she has completed many drawings, but most were lost before she could consider an education in art. 

Much earlier, Sand represented the world around her, animals, flowers, people, and things for those who wanted a person, an object, or an animal brought to life. She has included some surviving images of this style.

Much later, Sand began to use drawing to take her ideas further by letting the line walk where it would, brainstorming about future painting, sculpture, drawing, and writing.

The motivation behind her drawings and mixed media is the same as Sands' other works. A need to demonstrate, explore, discover, interpret, and keep learning. Through these drawings, Sand translates ideas about actual and possible connections, differences, and what is enfolded within everything, ourselves, the quantum, and things beyond our measurement and understanding. 
Works that are still available to buy can be found in Sands' store. You can also commission a similar work HERE.
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 Abracadabra Drawings
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