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Inspired by the well known phrase, 'In the land of the Blind the One Eyed man is King'


This is a work intensive piece!


While travelling through Nepal I spent some time with the Thanka painters. They create highly detailed and colourful works that are inspired by the stories from their religion. Many of these works are stunning and the makers are enourmously talented craftspeople.


I made some of these canvases under instruction and brought them home with me. 


This technique has been in use for many centuries as it is one of the most resilient and adaptable materials to be found anywhere, similar in look and feel  to the traditional western vellum.


The base receives many coats of a fine clay which is dried slowely whilst stretched on a frame with string, just as this work is displayed.


I painted my eye in oils onto a completed wooden jigsaw which I fixed onto the canvas. Between the parts of the jisaw I pushed through thousands of steel pins so that they bristle between the parts. It can be strung in the usual traditional manner using a frame or nails can be placed directly on a wall and the piece is then strung and tightened as shown. The buyer of the left eye had the work diplayed in a similar way but it was placed within a deep box frame.


The right eye of this work is sold but I can make a left eye version to commission. Please be aware that this work is time consuming so allow a month minimum for completion.


A print is available of this work and also one of my abracadabra drawings No.4, is inspired by this piece.


Any questions, please get in touch.


In the Land of the Blind Left Eye H70xW50xD5cm

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