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Chained and related works

Brass Chained Abracadabra series
Sand Laurenson ABRACADABRA 2023

September Sat/Sun, 2nd/3rd & 9th/10th 

@ St Andrews Mews


TN34 1SJ


Excited for the opportunity to be part of the Coastal Current Event in September 2023. This venue will host many different and diverse creatives.


My space will feature this ABRACADABRA project, completed over five years,  2017 - 2022, home and away.


66 Circles, 66 drawings, each one representing a letter from the Abracadabra talisman. Drawings, prints, and small sculptures relating to this project will be on show. 


Click on the image above to see more about Coastal Currents' annual Arts Festival in East Sussex.

Abracadabra collection St Andrews Mews Coastal Currents NOW

Having finally finished the print versions for the series (see here) I have now moved the work along exploring ideas about form.

Every drawing is now miniaturised, reduced to a collective,  set behind glass, and chained to each other, returning to the triangular talisman of the Abracadabra.


I want to draw on the Middle Eastern roots of the word and create an object that could have adorned the palace or the famous princess and storyteller from the Arabian Nights, Scheherazade. 

Detail Copper Chained Abracadabra

I have been fortunate to show my Abracadabra series of 66 original drawings, prints, related works and especially the chained versions you see here at a perfect little triangle space in St Andrews mews Hastings as part of the yearly Coastal Currents Art Event.


My final day there will be Sunday 14th.

I have added some small works to the series which you can see below. All these works are made to order or available to buy. You can commission a particular work, see my About page for further details.

Click on a image below for more details of the work. Please contact Sand with enquiries.

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