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Limited Edition Print


Where did this image come from?


Whilst up in the high hills of the Himalayas on a very wet and dew drenched way, I came across thousands and thousands of spider webs draped everywhere and sparkling and glittering in the early morning light. So very beautiful as long as you didn't get too close to see their leggsies!

I took multiple images of the webs and later, I took my favourite out of all of them and used it to manipulate the images until it was fixed at the perfect point that I wanted.


A web, a brain, an entity, a network, a virus, whatever you see, it has an alien quality to it and hence the title which is  the frequency that is used when looking for extra terrestrials. What do you see?


The waterhole as it is named, is an especially quiet band of the electromagnetic spectrum between 1420 and 1662 megahertz, corresponding to wavelengths of 21 and 18 centimetres, respectively. It is a popular observing frequency used by radio telescopes in radio astronomy.  The spectrum between these frequencies forms a relatively "quiet" channel in the interstellar radio noise background to listen out for ET.


Ideas around repetition and patterns creates a palimpsest of meanings which are linked through time as a new work emerges from the old. The original work is redeemed, transformed into a new way of being.


The fine Print:

 Image H12 x W12 H30 x W30 scaled with small white border. Giclee method on mould made  Fine Art Rag Paper 100% Cotton - Acid Free (190gsm) Archival grade.


A titled, dated, signed and  numbered certificate of authenticity will be provided with the work. Hahnemhule’s Artwork protection Hologram System.

Professionally protected and securely wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping.

Print 1421 Mhz

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