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Braided Flow 2022 60x60x4cm

Braided Flow 2022 60x60x4cm


Dusty mat grey and silver with pools of blue lacquer between. Strokes of glimmering metalic silver echo sunlight on aqua water.The mat sandy grey and glossy blues and greens reflect in different lighting giving depth and interest to the work.


Glacial rivers become visible only when you are high up in the sky. They're called 'braided river' systems, as they often resemble an intricate jumble of patterns, intertwining in a most painterly way in stunning hues of blues and greys contrasting with the muted colours of vonvanis sand or rock.


These networks of river channels flow from the glaciers towards the sea carrying enriching sediment. When the flow of the rivers decreases, the sediment gets deposited on the river bed, leaving behind small temporary islands of dark and lighter greys of volcanic sand that cause the channels of the rivers to split.


The pattern of the glacial river systems are dynamic and new islands of sand are formed as the speed and amount of water in the rivers changes.


Nature is without doubt, the supreme artist.

The work is signed on the back in the following way:

Freehand signature
Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA
Dated: 2022
Titled: Braided Flow



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