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Limited Edition Print No.3/25


Printed on fine art paper at 12 x 12 inches 30 x 30 cms Please see full details about this work in the drawing collection.


Fine Grain
 Mould Made 
100% Cotton Rag
 Acid Free 
190 gsm 90lb
Archival grade


A titled, signed, numbered certificate of authenticity  (Hahnemhules Artwork protection Hologram System.) will be sent with the work.

About this work:
This image has a long history and is a good example of how I like to lead an original work, in this case a sculpture through other transformations, to meet this point.


It started with a small sculpture called 'Fire Bug' (see image) where I was experimenting with flame, matches and steel contraptions whilst filming its brief life.


It became "Dead Bug" and whilst in a show at Jesus College Cambridge  (Sculpture in the Close) it and I had the honour of it being added to my collection with them.


Much later, in 2017 I was thinking again about the similarities between things tiny and huge, cellular and cosmic such as a nebula and a virus. 


I looked for inspiration from my work that I could use to create an abstract idea of a creature, a force of nature, but perhaps unnaturally made,  physical or metaphysical that could live within or without us and which assimilates, replicates, multiples infects and infests to become possibly infinite.


I had already used the flame image for another work, Tyger Tyger so I used the more suitable Dead Bug (see image) for my creature. I wanted to be hopeful, I wanted my creature to be beaten, dead or dying, definitely not at peak fiery condition!


I printed and then cut in and around the shape of the image and glued it onto black card. I drew around and over the shape with white ink pen. Then, I photographed it and manipulated the single image until I arrived at a symmetry that worked and I considered to be a good 2D version of the thought behind the sculptures.


These ideas around repetition and patterns not only informs my present work but are sometimes actually present, like a stain or memory within it. A palimpsest of meanings is created and linked through time. Once again redeemed, transformed and given a new way of being.



The original drawing is sold.

Print Bug

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