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Another of my velvet paintings this time on bright scarlet that has been stretched over a deep edge canvas.I have used this lush cotton velvet that reflects light beautifully and pop and jar with the jagged nature of the mark making and yet still harmonising with the circles. The unmissable scarlet entices the viewer to look and then look closer to where the idea rests.


The marks have been made with the heavily applied shades of white and black paint, layer after layer after layer with a brush and then in places, dragging an iron nail through the paint to make the marks and add depth. The aggression and violence of some of the marks contrast with the more painterly smooth graduations and the nap of the velvet.


Brief meaning of Enso and my intention behind the work;


The ensō symbolises absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.Drawing ensō is a disciplined-creative practice of Japanese ink painting—sumi-eThe circle may be open or closed. In the former case, the circle is incomplete, allowing for movement and development as well as the perfection of all things.


Zen practitioners relate the idea to wabi-sabi, the beauty of imperfection. When the circle is closed, it represents perfection, akin to Plato's perfect form (Plato), the reason why the circle was used for centuries in the construction of cosmological models,My purpose behind this painting was to make an Enso with the western mind, my mind, behind the act of Enso.


Instead of the one clean and perfect circle, mine are imperfect in every way that relates to the Japanese aesthetic but maybe offer up a different way, a different aesthetic, of trying over and over to obtain the perfect with many attempts....such as the daily living of our lives!


This work will be marked on the back with the following:


SignatureText: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)

Date: 2017

Title: Enso?




Enso? 2017 Acrylic on Velvet over Canvas

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