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Flos Machina  2017 


I have always loved and been drawn to the sacred geometry symbol, the flower of life in all its forms, by its symmetry, repetition and simple perfection. This mystical symbol can be found in almost all major religions in the entire world.


The Flower of Life is said to be over 6,000 years old and is composed of several concentric, equal, overlapping circles. It is said to contain vital information on the secrets of the universe and all living things. Many spiritual and mystical geometric figures have been drawn from the pattern of the Flower of Life.


The sacred Tree of Life in Kabbalah teachings, for instance, may be taken from the concentric patterns within the Flower of Life. Leonardo da Vinci, himself, was able to derive platonic solids and the golden ratio of phi from the Flower of Life.


Ink and acrylic on paper. Often these drawings have a metallc ink element that reflects light, please see additional images of the drawing.


Drawing is approximately 15cm/6 inches on 20cm /8 inch paper 


Titled, dated and signed by artist with certificate of authenticity.


Also available as a print. 


About the Abracadabra collection.


The 66 drawings of the 66 letters of the Abracadabra talisman are the starting point for a creative process. 

I have always had a strong desire for change which manifests in the diversity of my artwork. This constant desire for difference and stimulation, flow, flux, and movement, feels like a physical need and imperative for my creative development.


This same need to explore and encounter the unknown has meant that travel has been a big part of my life for the last 20 years or so. I have set up makeshift studios in many different places and cultures, producing work directly from my environment. My Abracadabra works are an example of these travel-inspired works. 


Every one of these original 66 Abracadabra drawings is influenced by or leads to other more significant works such as paintings or sculptures. Most were completed whilst travelling  2016 - 2019 and at home during covid, taking 5 years to complete by 2022. 


All carry an influence on my surroundings and what was going on around me at that time, colours, light, people, places, memories, moods and behaviour. 


Please visit my ABRCADABRA page to read more about the ideas behind these works.

Flos Machina No.5 Abracadabra series

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