Digital Download to print from my original mixed media artwork, 'High Motes'.Tis work can be shown on horizontal or vertical aspect so I have shown examplaes of both. I have also included a few examples of the (printable) image framed at various sizes and some details fom te original work. Find it in my drawing or painting section.


This is a large file that can print up to original size of work  on a vertical aspect ( can also be hung landscape ) H 85 x 50 x 2.5cm H34 x W20 x D1inch


The original  work came about  as an ongoing studio piece painted on a random canvas whilst thinking about ideas for another work. Constantly adding aspects when I needed to follow an idea through and explore it more so the work grew from itself with no thought about composition or end, in fact I'm not sure it has ended!


Exploring geometry, patterning, surfaces, repetition. It's somewhere between a painting and a drawing where I have used many different types of pens and washes. The metallic elements catch light and shimmer from certain angles.


I am fascinated by the similarities in nature that exist between an image of a nebula, a virus, a cell, a flower, geometry, fractals awhich give me a recurring motif usually a circle, as a symbol, a signifier, a switch, that turns the work into whatever the viewer is open to see. 






  • About this download

    About this digital download:

    A link to the image will be sent immediately upon payment.

    This is a large file at 300dpi which can print up to H 85 x 50 x 2.5cm H34 x W20 x D1inch

    Although you can print on to any paper, I recommend an archival fine art paper if you intend to use as an art print. An excellent choice would be Hahnemeuhle rag paper in a satin or vellum finish.

    Printing on paper between 200 and 300gms will work in most home printers and will give your print a firm place to fix. You can also use the image for a canvas, aluminium or other print.

    Any problems with your download or any questions....just ask via chat on webpage or email

    Please note that all images are upheld under UK copywrite and remain property of Artist Sand Laurenson. For personal use of buyer only. No Resale, duplicating, publication, etc. without permission from Artist. All images contain traceable digimarc.





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