This work is a bit of a hybrid!


I came back from one of my trips to Nepal with a stack of Nepali canvas which I made alongsie a Thanka painter in kathmandu. The process is long and laboeous but once fnshed it has a quality and eel all of it's own and is very reliient.


With this in mind I worked upn it fistly by attaching an ol painting that I made of my left Eye. After placing this on the canvas I oulined the gapps bewteen the peces with steel dress pins.


It is strung in the same traditional way as it was made.


I have travelled and lived in Nepal many times but was utterly devastated for the country and people when i witnessed the earthquakes there in 2015. I  made this work in response to what I saw and can never unsee and my feeling of helplessness and frustration at that time.


I can also make the left eye to commission. 

In the land of the Blind 2017