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Islington Diamond - Ltd Edition =  No. 3/50


The work behind this image:


I was walking around London taking photographs of broken glass to use in a project. ‘Islington Diamond’ is an old London term for glass that has fallen to the ground caused by a violent act, such as smashed windows, bus shelters etc. Despite how the glittering carpet is often made it is still very beautiful in it's own way. 


This particular image is taken from my shot of what looked like a bullet hole in a small leaded window of a music recording studio in Hackney, East London. 


 Later I put the image through various rotations, and patterns waiting for the right one to appear amongst the many. I like that there is a random element in the making of the different configurations and often leave it to chance and let the computer show me what it comes up with. 


This extra dimension at work on the image lends something new, a different view, a different thing and yet still comprised entirely from that one photograph.


And here is what the computer produced, a perfect offering for the title and meaning of the work. I like the idea that the computer and I have shared in the making of the work, random and specific, human and machine combined.


Ideas around repetition and patterns creates a palimpsest of meanings which are linked through time as a new work emerges from the old. The original work is redeemed, transformed into a new way of being.


The fine Print:
Image H12 x W12 H30 x W30 scaled with small white border. Giclee method on mould made  Fine Art Rag Paper 100% Cotton - Acid Free (190gsm) Archival grade.


A titled, dated, signed and  numbered certificate of authenticity will be provided with the work. Hahnemhule’s Artwork protection Hologram System.

Professionally protected and securely wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping.

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