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This work is sold but please get in touch to commission similar.


The Oroborous 2017 painting measures 91x91x4cm.


An impasto central circle with a ring of white and shimmering silver surround and a graphite grey border which also has metallic silver accents that reflect and shimmer.  

The painting has a circular motif, representing the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros, a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, symbolizing self-reflexivity, cyclicality, and infinity. The intricate layering of colors and textures creates an effect that draws the viewer in and invites contemplation.


Oroborous (there are many similar/diferent spellings) is, very simply,  the ancient symbol of eternity as a snake eating it's own tail.


This work is marked on the back with the following:


Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2017
Title: Oroborous




Oroborous 2017 Acrylic on velvet over canvas 91x91x4cm

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