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Limited edition print No.2/50 On Black or White


This image was made from digitally placing all the individual parts of the original drawing back together again onto a white background to make it whole again. See details below.

​About Particle, a drawing in 35 parts,


PARTICLE  (Def: 'one of the extremely small constituents of matter, as an atom or elementary particle, quark, or gluon.'


​ Whilst travelling through monsoon India in 2017 I settled in Kerala Southern India for a while and made a few drawings in response to what was around me. This one I made during a particular night after storms that had lasted for weeks. The night was so dark, the sky was so clear it looked bejeweled with all colours possible refracting and creating swirls of shimmering, glittering patterns. 


This drawing is my interpretation of a small part of that sky.

​I made the drawing in inks on black paper that measured H 50 x W 70 cms and then I unmade and remade the drawing into the smaller works, dividing the paper into equal parts of 35. In doing so each part perhaps becomes more significant somehow. Mini Multiverses?


The continual similarities between an image of a nebula, a cell, a flower, a fractal, a raindrop, gives me a motif, a symbol, a signifier, a switch, that turns the work into whatever the viewer is open to see. Physically destroying (?) transforming a completed work from many parts back into one of its self translates these ideas perfectly for me as the work is reborn, recycled.


Ideas around repetition and patterns creates a palimpsest of meanings which are linked through time as a new work emerges from the old. The original work is redeemed, transformed into a new way of being.


The fine Print:
Image H12 x W16 H30 x W40cm scaled with small white border. Giclee method on mould made  Fine Art Rag Paper 100% Cotton - Acid Free (190gsm) Archival grade.


A titled, dated, signed and  numbered certificate of authenticity will be provided with the work. Hahnemhule’s Artwork protection Hologram System.

Professionally protected and securely wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping.

Particle - A drawing in 35 Parts - Drawings consolidated into print.

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