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Another of my paintings in a circular theme painted on velvet and stretched over a deep edge canvas.Heavy teal blue velvet with concentric rings of opalescent palest blue, silver grey, copper and gold working out from a bright metallic silver kernel in the centre.


 This is a more painterly work than some of my other works but I have still used different sizes and types of mark making with various tools to create the dragging and furrowed effects radiating out from the centre. 


The highly reflective and differing surfaces and accents make this painting vibrate and hover in different lighting, glimmering and sparkling when the light catches the different colours and textures.


The marks have been applied, layer after layer with a brush but also  by dragging an iron nail and other implements through the paint to make the marks and depth. The aggression and violence of some of the marks contrast with the more painterly smooth graduations.

This work will be marked on the back with the following:


Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2019
Title: Ripple


Any questions, please ask.

Ripple 2018 Acrylic on Velvet over Canvas 91x91x4cm

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