This 60 x 60 cm acrylic painting on padded green velvet oer canvas was made during the Covid-19 outbreak. Inspired by microscopic images of the virus and using colour to represent the infinite possibilities within the cell membrane.


Intricacy and bold mark making side by side over a deep green velvet. A multicoloured pointillist covering of marks with accents of metallics, pearl and deep glitters that have iridescent rainbow hues running through. 


In different lighting, daylight, artificial, sunlight, low light, this painting speaks a different language in each, sometimes blinging and zinging with reflected twinkles and glitterings.


Other times more muted with hints of shimmer and shine between the pools of  mat deepest green darkness.


This is a heavily worked painting that has many many subtle layers going on at every level and are not visible without closer inspection. I use the glitters and metallics as a seduction to draw the eye in to see these details, to understand the depth of the work. 


This work will soon be available as a manipulated image as print.


This work will be marked on the back with the following:


Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2020
Title: The Curve


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The Curve

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