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Too Many Snakes, Not Enough Ladders


The work behind this image:

From my original snake painting ( see image in listing)  and drawings made whilst on my travels in Asia, most of which have fallen along the wayside. This image is also part of my Abracadabra drawing series and a sculpture 'Naga Slate as seen in my sculpture collectionand in this listing too.


All part of my alchemical intertwining, developing, transforming and redeeming past works over time, often through many changes, into something new.. 


I took a photo of part of a long lost painting and digitally manipulated it until it became this Gordian knot of snakes. Life sometimes feels like there are more snakes on the board of life than ladders, more ways down than up. My resistance to these feelings (which are always selfishly non relative at such times :/) are mostly dispelled the more art I make! Boy, do I make a lot of work.


I put an image of a part of my painting through various rotations, and patterns waiting for the right one to appear amongst the many. I like that there is a random element in the selection of the different configurations and often leave it to chance and let the computer show me what it comes up with, an extra dimension at work on the image lends something new, a different view, a different thing and yet still comprised entirely from that one photograph.


And here is what the computer and I produced. I like the idea that the computer and I have shared in the making of the work, random and specific, human and machine combined.


Ideas around repetition and patterns creates a palimpsest of meanings which are linked through time as a new work emerges from the old. The original work is redeemed, transformed into a new way of being.


The fine Print:
Image H12 x W12 H30 x W30 scaled with small white border. Giclee method on mould made  Fine Art Rag Paper 100% Cotton - Acid Free (190gsm) Archival grade.


A titled, dated, signed and  numbered certificate of authenticity will be provided with the work. Hahnemhule’s Artwork protection Hologram System.

Professionally protected and securely wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping.

Print Too many Snakes, Not Enough Ladders

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