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Vulcan 2017 91x91x5cm


This work is sold but please get in touch to commission similar.


This painting is one of my earliest explorations on different surfaces. A thin latex sheet is strectched over a padded canvas. I have used latex and graphite with chalk to infer the calderaor scarring on a surface in an inhospitible place. With drawing in ink and metallics that reflect and shimmer.


As with the later works, juxtaposing very different surfaces, I wanted the mark making to stand out, to interfere.  I wanted the painting to be more like a scar, a blemish or wound upon the slick rubber.  


The marks have been applied, layer after layer with a brush, but also by dragging a nail through the paint and latex to create new texture and depth. The aggression and violence of some of the marks contrast with the more painterly smooth graduations.



This work was marked on the back with the following:


Text: Sand Laurenson MA(RA)
Date: 2017
Title: Vulcan




Vulcan 2017 Acrylic on Rubber over padded Canvas

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